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Residential Development supporting Commercial Property

The Noida-Greater Noida expressway is a hub for residential developments as major Builders are developing large residential projects along expressway.

The residential development of most of the developers along expressway has reached possession stage with over 1 lacs units expected to be ready for possession within a years time. This has given an opportunity for commercial developments like Malls, Shopping Complexes, Office Spaces etc and this is the best time to invest in this segment of Real Estate.

Commercial Property - Malls and Shops in Noida

Noida claims some of the most magnificent malls in the country. Malls in Noida are drawing a large number of companies to set up their divisions and showrooms to develop their brand, products and services.

These malls are well in demand and already having a good footfall and number of businesses while a good number of new businesses are waiting to move in to take advantage of this rising opportunity to reach out to new potential consumers.

Noida's real estate sector is fast growing at a remarkable proportion. This district is replete with a large number of avenues to access properties that are for sale, rent or lease. Industry persons can benefit from a wide range of commercial property in Noida for sale. These buildings are ideal bases to establish lucrative businesses since you can easily attract a great amount of customers. These commercial properties are located at Noida’s prime location. Now a day’s best place to invest in Noida is Greater Noida expressway where lot of new residential and commercial development is happening along with existing IT offices and schools.

Connectivity in Real Estate

In the context of due-diligence w.r.t. property acquisition, around the world, the most important aspect is obviously, connectivity. Connectivity plays a major role in bringing people with diverse backgrounds, tastes and preferences together. A heterogeneous and an inviting society flourish only when distances are curbed or covered effectively. Connectivity therefore, is a cornerstone on which the foundation of a strong building is laid. Health care, public utility services like fire brigades, police stations, etc. have their importance because they are easily accessible through a network of roads.

Similarly, connectivity proves to be a boon in the Real Estate Sector not only for the developer but also for the investor as a widely connected property can fetch hefty return on investments.

For instance, we can sight the development in the regions adjoin the nation’s capital.The real estate market especially Noida and Gurgaon – whether residential or commercial – have hugely benefitted with the advent of Metro. Economical, yet as a time saving mode of transport, it has galvanized the real estate sector.

Similarly, the wide road network and the arrival of app-driven cab services have contributed significantly in enhancing the accessibility of the far-flung areas. The mushrooming residential societies are contributing the target audience of the upcoming and existing malls in Noida and other adjoining areas.

Therefore, it is advisable to ensure and ascertain that your investment (property) is lucrative, flexible and connected.

Jewar International Airport a boost for Noida Real Estate

Yamuna expressway authority is the largest development authority in the world with 165 Km long expressway, F1 race circuit, Information Technology & industrial areas, Night safari, Educational area, residential and commercial real estate developments.

Development of an international airport at Jewar will help Noida to contest with Gurgaon in terms of infrastructure and modern facilities, it will also cover a big part of Uttar Pradesh because of good road connectivity from Agra, Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad and other nearby cities. Airports play a vital role in connecting communities, people and markets and it will surely bring in companies demand with more businesses considering it as an alternate NCR location which is economical as well.

Boost of industrial and infrastructure expansion is directly associated with real estate developments so it will definitely change present situation of NCR real estate. Investor of current real estate will see a positive escalation in their property value.

Better product leads to better relationships

“Building Relationships” is perhaps, one of the most important aspects of any business which aims to not only sustain itself but also to grow exponentially over the period of time and the Real Estate sector is no exception. Relationships help in developing patrons who act as brand ambassadors for the product/project and which could result in expanding the overall branding and marketing activity of the company.

So what helps in building relationships?

In the Real estate sector (like most businesses), the first and foremost factor is obviously the product/project. The product/project should be such that not only caters to the needs of thecaptive crowd but also help in decongesting the thriving and crowded cities like Delhi, Noida etc.

Projects specially the commercial property in Noida have to be accessible so that it can attract footfall and are able to generate anassured return on investment.The mode of conveyance and the infrastructure leading to the project shall be accessible through a network of roads, flyovers, expressway etc. which could add tremendous value to the product.
Timely possession and delivery of the project is of pivotal importance and perhaps acts as a cornerstone in building the credibility of the builder. The goodwill of the builder gets a boost and this could result in increasing the sales of the upcoming/forthcoming projects.
Pre and Post Possession offers like AR, first lease guarantee and buyback schemes also add value to the product,build the confidence and thereby result in better relationship with the customer.

Ultimately, it’s the combination of various factors and offerings that makes a product complete and leads to a satisfied and happy customer. A satisfied customer, thereafter, results in a relationship cultivated over a period of time and contributes heavily in making a business a success story.

Evolution in the Real Estate Sector

Charles Darwin shall not take offense, when we say that Evolution in today’s parlance is the ‘state of evolving’. Things change, they get improved, modified and eventually, culminate into something comfortable.

As we sift through the history, it is quite noticeable how civilizations have evolved. Factors like population, limited resources, planned development of cities have significantly contributed to this evolution.

People lifestyles, habits, preferences and even their place to dwell have changed considerably. The overwhelming desire for gigantic farm houses, palatial bungalows have also incorporated the need for small but at the same time “smart” studio apartments.

As the name suggests, furnished smart studio apartments as compared to hotels are the luxurious abode that offers a host of amenities and facilities with a degree of comparative freedom and individuality. The comprehensive offer for a smart studio apartment is accompanied by the following facilities:- - Wifi - Housekeeping - Valet services - Laundry services - Tour Assistant/Assistance - Crèches - Power back up

But most importantly, it has an innate modular kitchen which inculcates and emanates a feeling of independence. The resident has the option to cook his favorite food and does not have the obligation to consume what he is served. Several developers have now chipped in with properties which complement the smart studio with facilities like retail, hypermarkets, food courts etc. The development of malls with dedicated service floors that have smart studio apartments is the flourishing concept.

The growing number of smart studio apartments in the metros as well as the upcoming ‘smart cities’ makes it amply clear that the concept have many takers and it has furthered the demand of properties in the real estate sector. This evolution serves the dual purpose – as it not only provides a luxurious accommodation, but could alsoprove to be a destination for a perfect getaway.

Emerging Malls in Noida

Malls are becoming a necessity in our day to day life, therefore commercial places are changing the traditional way of shopping, entertainment & clubbing.

Malls are perfect examples to sooth your everyday shopping’s in one platform. People prefer going to malls so that they take a whole lot of things from one place rather going to different shops and shop their things. They are coming up with different ravishing qualities that are more likely to comfort everyone. They are more loved by people and are becoming first priority to everyone. Malls have an infinite capacity to grab a person with its advantages. Even for satisfying your small need to big needs they have the capacity to satisfy your all deeds. They have all the basic amenities which a person wants to buy.

In noida malls are becoming the place of enjoyment and fulfilling the needs of every generation, the best places to fill your hungry stomach are restaurants and cafes after so much of enjoyment. New shopping hubs fulfill all your shopping, refreshment and entertainment requirements.